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Street dogs: lazy, not aggressive

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that’s hardly the term that many people would choose to employ when describing the mangy mongrels that roam the streets. However, these stray dogs may not deserve their reputation as trouble-makers, according to research published recently.

“Though dogs in India have lived outside of human homes for centuries, and have also been used for hunting, they have not undergone the usual domestication process to become exclusively pets as in most developed countries,” observe Anindita Bhadra of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata and two of her students in a Current Science paper.

The free-ranging dogs lived singly or in small groups on the street, relying on garbage and scraps of food people provide. Consequently, these animals were efficient scavengers and removed a large part of the rubbish that humans dumped.

For their research published in Current Science, Dr. Bhadra and her students walked the roads at IISER Kolkata’s Mohanpur campus and the township of Kalyani in West Bengal as well as at the Indian Institute of Science campus in Bangalore, taking note of the dogs they came across. These surveys, done over three years, recorded 1,941 dog sightings.

The street dogs were lazing about much of the time. They spent only a small part of the day in active interactions with each other or with humans. Of the interactions recorded by the researchers, close to 85 per cent were with other dogs.

“We were quite surprised at the extremely low levels of aggressiveness” displayed by the street dogs, Dr. Bhadra told this correspondent. There was little of such behaviour even between animals and none at all towards humans.

Of the 32 interactions seen between dogs and humans, about half involved gestures of submission from the former, such as tail-wagging and begging for food, according to the paper. “Thus, this analysis does not support the general notion of free-ranging dogs being aggressive, unfriendly animals that are a constant source of nuisance to people on the streets of India.”

While it was true that many street dogs were rabid and dog bites do occur, “these are not regular incidents as perceived by some,” the researchers remarked. “We would like to argue that the solution to dog-human conflict is not culling, but efficient management of garbage and rabies in the country, and a positive attitude towards the animals that are otherwise known to be man’s best friend.”

                                                                                                                                                                     -The Hindu 3-4-2014

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April 4, 2014 4 comments


One fine day, five new born puppies were presented at Krupa by an animal lover who found them  on the roadside with their mother dead. The puppies had not even opened their eyes. They were immediately made warm by placing them in a carton lined with cotton wool and clothes and topped with papers. The feeding is being done through a feeding bottle. Now the puppies have opened their eyes and are moving about. Soon it will be time for them to get out of the box and join the many others in the main kennel. But what next? With mongrel pups finding almost no takers, one of our main worries is about what the future holds for these pups. Until and unless our obsession with BREED DOGS does not change, these little pups who are equally adorable and loving, will continue to face an uncertain, dismal future.

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The picture is of a pet dog called Cindy. She is of a breed called Irish Shepherd, is 7 years of age and is jet black in color. She has been missing from her home in RBI layout, JP Nagar VII phase since mid March. The owners are trying every possible method to trace her including putting up her posters and lodging complaint in the nearest Police Station but so far have not been able to trace her. If someone has some information about Cindy, please call any of the numbers 9880563690 or 7829816208.



This is the picture of a pet dog called NOODLES who has been missing for approximately a month now.  She is 7 years of age, is of a mixed breed, with thick coat and bushy tail and is jet black in color. She went missing in the Vardenahalli area on Magadi Road. The owners are desparately searching for her. If someone has some information about Noodles, please contact 7829816208 or 9880563690.

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A Silent lamentation in Biblical JOB style

April 1, 2014 3 comments







Calls we get in torrents

About an injured dog here

An abandoned pet there

A litter of pups here and

A blind animal there.

What am I to do?


A million animals roam the streets

Ill-treated and abandoned

Tied up and beaten and

Languishing in dingy kennels.

What am I to do?


How do I stop the brazen cruelty

Of humans wreak on these dumb wretch?      

How to save the thousands of dogs

Tied-up to the front gates of the heartless?

What am I to do?            


We in KRUPA wish we have the infrastructure

And the financial muscle

To rescue the long suffering canines

And give them respite and comfort.

What am I to do?


We wish we had enough wealth

To own a piece of land big enough

To build a retirement home

For the sick, abandoned and the suffering

Millions of creatures of Karma.

What am I to do?


An easier way?

Should I move to an apartment?

And shut the door and shut myself

From the uncomfortable realities and

Keep away from the disturbing visuals?

What am I to do?

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(A tearful tale by Poornima Desai)


Jimmy was a lovely Labrador dog, male, about two years old, who was found about three months ago, wandering on the streets, well and truly lost and lonely. Had he lost his way from his home or had he been abandoned by his masters, no one will ever know. He had some skin infection on his neck which was treated and in due course he was declared fit for adoption. He was extremely friendly and playful – in short an excellent pet for some lucky home. He was lucky enough to find a kind lady who decided to adopt him. He was neutered and vaccinated and was about to depart to his new home when tragedy struck.

The playful Jimmy suddenly went silent and  investigations revealed that he was afflicted with the dreaded Leptospirosis – a near fatal viral infection. Then began Jimmy’s fight with his own body. For three months he carried on – sometimes gaining the upper hand and at other times touching an all time low. No effort was spared to make Jimmy well again and send him to his new home. But that was not to be.

A week ago, when it finally looked like Jimmy had overcome his ailment, his health suddenly took a plunge from which he never recovered. And thus, Jimmy’s tryst with his new family remained an unfulfilled dream.

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1. The lovely little dog in the picture is a white pomerenian  about 6 months old. She is very friendly and would bring a lot of cheer to the family which would adopt her. She is healthy and active. Those wishing to adopt her can contact 7829816208 or 9880563690.


2.  This Labrador  pup about one year old was abandoned outside Krupa Hospital premises. He is very friendly and active and would love to have a home he can call his own. He is sure to bring happiness to the family that adopts him. Those interested in giving this  little  dog a loving home, please contact  7829816208 or 9880563690.


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March 6, 2014 2 comments



1. Beautiful Pomeranian puppy less than 6 months old available withus for adoption. Only genuine dog lovers who is willing to give this baby a loving home may contact us at the number given below.

2.  The little pet in the picture is of a terrier called Chintu. She is about 3 years old and is very friendly. Her owner is not able to take care of her anymore. Chintu needs a loving home immediately. Those who want this beautiful pet may contact us.

3.  This beautiful female labrador dog in the picture was found abandoned and needs a loving home of her own. She is about 2 – 3 years old and is fawn colored. She is extremely friendly and healthy. If you are a dog lover looking for a lovely pet contact us at the number below.

 Contact:  Rajan @ 7829816208     Poornima @ 9880563690


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