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Bittoo (as she was named at Krupa) was a lovely Labrador found lost/abandoned and brought to Krupa Hospital by an animal lover. It was obvious that she had been in the streets for some time and had apparently met with an accident as her one hind leg was badly injured. Her sweet temperament won the hearts of all and in due course with treatment, her wound too had healed. It was then time to find a home for her. A kind family from Chennai heard of her and travelled to Bangalore to adopt her. Pixie (as Bittoo’s new family calls her) now resides in Chennai with their other dogs and is devoted to her new master. She is very happy in her new home. Isn’t this a truly fairy-tale ending?

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We had earlier published  (Scroll down two steps) the horror of the sweet little puppy (see earlier pic) found crushed under a cement brick. The condition of the puppy was so bad that we had lost all hopes of saving him. But the miracle of Poornima’s homeo treatment and our caretaker’s incessant care brought him new life. Pluto (as he is named now) barks from his cardboard box and tries to come out. He is still week on his legs and is on nutrition and calcium supplement.

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The  street dog in the picture was picked up by Krupa Animal Hospital from the street in a semi-conscious condition. It had been hit by a speeding vehicle and was paralyzed from waist downwards. It had been lying in the street for three full days before being picked up. Passers-by had been feeding it with biscuits and milk but no one attempted to have it rescued. The dog is being administered IV fluids as it is in an advanced state of dehydration. It is drinking milk with support but is unable to lift up its head by itself. Treatment is on and it is hoped that the dog will recover.

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April 29, 2014 2 comments


This cute little puppy in the picture was found by the rescuer, trapped underneath a construction cement block. He managed to extricate the puppy and brought it to Krupa Animal Hospital. The pup was in a semi-conscious state and in great pain. It is unable to lift up its head which could be the result of an injury to the neck. The pup is under treatment and it is hoped that it will recover as it has shown some improvement in the past few days.

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Bernie, the adorable St.Bernard was found abandoned three months ago on the road in a very pitiable state. A good Samaritan saw it and brought him to Krupa. A wound in the abdomen was noticed. Bernie was treated and nurtured back to good health. He was transformed in to a majestic, yet a bubbly dog. There were so many takers for him and we were careful in selecting the right home. Obviously we did not want him to undergo the same trauma which he suffered from his previous ‘owner’. At last a kind family with a spacious home wanted Bernie. After much deliberation we gave Bernie to the kind people. He is happy and comfortable in his new home as you can see in the pic.

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The four little puppies in the picture were brought to Krupa Animal Hospital when they were just a few days old. Their mother had been killed in an accident and the little pups were hungry and cold. They had not even opened their eyes. They were squealing and crying continuously. They were made warm and feeding was undertaken by means of a feeding bottle. Now, three weeks later, they are growing up well. One has already been adopted and we hope that the others too would be lucky enough. All the pups are healthy and active.

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The dog in the picture was brought to Krupa Loving Animals with one hind leg in a rotting condition – the result of an accident left untreated. As there was no hope of saving the leg, it was duly amputated. Meanwhile a blood test revealed that the dog had highly infected kidneys. Consequently treatment for bringing down the infection of the kidneys was taken up by the doctors and the cheerful news is that two weeks of intense treatment succeeded in overcoming the infection. The dog has now resumed eating on its own and the amputated stump is also healing.


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