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1. The lovely little dog in the picture is a white pomerenian  about 6 months old. She is very friendly and would bring a lot of cheer to the family which would adopt her. She is healthy and active. Those wishing to adopt her can contact 7829816208 or 9880563690.


2.  This Labrador  pup about one year old was abandoned outside Krupa Hospital premises. He is very friendly and active and would love to have a home he can call his own. He is sure to bring happiness to the family that adopts him. Those interested in giving this  little  dog a loving home, please contact  7829816208 or 9880563690.


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1. Beautiful Pomeranian puppy less than 6 months old available withus for adoption. Only genuine dog lovers who is willing to give this baby a loving home may contact us at the number given below.

2.  The little pet in the picture is of a terrier called Chintu. She is about 3 years old and is very friendly. Her owner is not able to take care of her anymore. Chintu needs a loving home immediately. Those who want this beautiful pet may contact us.

3.  This beautiful female labrador dog in the picture was found abandoned and needs a loving home of her own. She is about 2 – 3 years old and is fawn colored. She is extremely friendly and healthy. If you are a dog lover looking for a lovely pet contact us at the number below.

 Contact:  Rajan @ 7829816208     Poornima @ 9880563690


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(With extreme pain we record the death of Raja, the endearing Lab. Those who know Raja will understand the pain. The following is the expression of our feelings, written by Poornima Desai)


Raja was a Labrador dog who arrived at Krupa Animal Hospital approximately two years ago. He was rescued from a band of banjaras by an animal lover and brought to Krupa. The nomads had treated him cruelly by keeping him chained to a tree throughout and giving him hardly anything to eat. The result was that he was just a bag of skin and bones when he arrived. Good food, good care and dollops of love and affection ensured that Raja’s health improved and a year later he had turned into a handsome, healthy dog. Temperementally he was almost divine with never a complaint and thus had endeared himself to one and all. Then it was decided that it was time to find him a loving family, one which he could call his own. But fate willed otherwise. Soon after that, Raja’s health began to fail. In due time it was diagnosed that Raja’s kidneys were failing and he was suffering from Chronic Renal Failure.. Every effort possible was made to save him from imminent death but Raja’s downward slide continued. Through all his ordeal, he never once complained. Soon the day came when his condition deteriorated beyond repair and after a brief struggle, Raja gave up. Now Raja is no longer there at Krupa  but his memories linger in our hearts as we accept the fact that Raja is not there in our midst. But then, there in no time to mourn, as the next case arrives and we all
get busy trying to save another life………..

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The Doberman in the picture (named Moti at Krupa) was brought to the hospital in a pitiable condition a month back. His one hind leg was completely rotten and filled with maggots. He was in terrible pain and was limping along the streets in this conditon when some kind person sighted him and brought him along to Krupa Animal Hospital. The leg was thoroughly cleaned and all the maggots got rid off. But gangrene had set in and the leg had to be amputated to save Moti’s life. For a few weeks, Moti was readied for the surgery by giving him good food and tonics to improve his health condition. Then the amputation was performed. Now the wound has healed and Moti is learning to walk on three legs. He is doing fine and is a bundle of energy and a joy to be with. We are indeed grateful to our doctors and caretakers who spared no effort whatsoever to bring Moti back to health again.

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Puppies For Adoption

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Sukruta Hebbar  recently rescued seven puppies in her area.  The puppies are healthy and have been vaccinated and dewormed.  She is requesting compassionate animal lovers to find them affectionate homes.  Those who would like to adopt any of these puppies may contact her @  96111 70330.

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The 20 Important Facts Dog Lovers Must Never Forget. The Last One Brought Me To Tears…

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Dogs are so loyal that they love us no matter what we do. But if we want to provide the best life possible to these wonderful animals, we have to remember they have complex thoughts and feelings too. Here are 20 that we must never forget.





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February 14, 2014 2 comments


This little pet dog in the picture was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital a few days ago by its so-called “owner”. The owner wanted to leave his pet at Krupa premises as it was paralysed waist downwards and he was not interested in caring for it. When counselled against abandoning his pet in such an inhumane manner, the man became aggressive and retorted that he was not interested in discussion and we could either accept it or he would abandon it elsewhere. Fearing for the safety of the poor creature, we asked the man to leave the pet and go – which he did gladly. But what breaks one’s heart is the manner in which the little dog recoils in terror when someone tries to pet it. One can only imagine the cruelty to which the pet has been subjected by its master. We look forward to the day when we can win its love and trust and make it capable of walking again.

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