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September 30, 2014 Leave a comment


Scoopy (see pic) is a two year old Labrador, well trained and friendly is available for adoption. The family that keeps the dog is leaving city and they would like to give the dog to an affectionate home. The dog was kept with affection and care and the family wants a similar family to take care of him. Genuine dog lovers who would give him a loving home may contact Juri Sharma @ 08971254090, 08123863893, 09986502819 immediately.

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September 26, 2014 Leave a comment

lucky pup

The puppy in the picture was like any other orphaned pup, just a month
ago. It was malnourished as well and quite unsteady in its gait. But
little did any one know that good times were just round the corner. An
extremely compassionate person came to see the little puppy and
instantly decided to adopt it. Today, the lucky little puppy (named
Caeser) resides with his new family and is a picture of health and
That brings us to the question: how many puppies out of the hundreds
of homeless ones are as lucky as little Caeser? We fervently appeal to
more people to come forward and show compassion by adopting a homeless
puppies and bringing in happiness and cheer into their otherwise dark

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The two lovely little kittens in the picture are barely a month old.
Both are females and are a bundle of fun and frolic. Rescued by a
kindly person in a miserable state, these two motherless kittens have
been nursed back to health as is evident from the picture. Now they
would love to have a home they can call their own. Those interested in
adopting these lovely kittens, please contact 9880563690 or

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Earlier we had given a message for adopting this unfortunate puppy. He was admitted here a few weeks ago with a bad injury on his back. A big portion of his skin was chopped out in an accident. After intensive treatment and care the wound healed leaving a scar. He became a healthy and bubbly puppy. A compassionate father–son duo came to Krupa to readily adopt him. He is now one happy little bundle of joy.

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September 2, 2014 2 comments

adopt 004

adopt 006

adopt 002

Four dogs, one a two year old Pug, a lively and wooly black Indian dog, a lovely puppy and a German Shepherd – may be a year old – are available for adoption. Pic of the German Shepherd is not shown. Only genuine dog lovers who can provide them a loving home may contact us on 7829816208.

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This little one-month old pup in the picture has surely not had much to cheer about in its little life. Having lost its mom right after birth, it was fed and looked after by compassionate people and managed to survive the initial few weeks. But misfortune struck soon when a mother with a litter of her own grabbed this little puppy by its head and would have killed it had the caretakers not rescued it in time.
But the damage was done. The little puppy had severe injuries on the head and face resulting in its being blinded in one eye. Now, the puppy has recovered from its ordeal and is healthy and active but has lost the vision in one eye. But it has not lost the hope of finding a loving home and a family to which it can belong.

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Puppy for Adoption

July 3, 2014 1 comment


This little puppy in the picture was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital after being rescued from the middle of a busy street. The belt in the neck suggests that this is either an abandoned or lost puppy. The puppy was in a state of shock because of its ordeal in the street and it took a few days to bring it back to normalcy. Now the puppy is healthy and active and seeks the security of a home of its own. Those interested in giving this little puppy a happy home can contact us @ 9880563690 / 7829816208

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