Month: August 2010

Krupa’s Aim

By: P.Govind Rajan

“… Shanno Asthu Dwipathe

Shan Chathushpathe.”

Thus ends a famous Rigveda verse.  It means “Let all two-legged creatures live happily and peacefully with the four-legged ones”.  We humans have cultivated through generations, a basic misconception that this planet has been created and maintained only for the ‘two-legged’ creatures and all other creatures have no basic right to exist here.

Animals are being treated as slaves and are made to work under extremely cruel conditions. Milk industry which spins crores of rupees by exploiting hapless and innocent cows is a blot on humanity. Once their productive lives end, they are sent for slaughter forgetting that these very animals brought money and prosperity to these humans.  Horses are lucky to escape slaughter and they are just abandoned to fend for themselves. In cities one can see hundreds of abandoned pet animals like dogs and cats.  They are   literally thrown  in the streets for the atrocious reason that the owners got bored with the pets and they have bought new ones.  To cater to such heartless act, there are hundreds of pet farms proliferated in cities.  I will not elaborate on the cruelty of this trade now. I will come to it later.

In Krupa, our efforts to bring a little happiness to these unfortunate creations of God are only small and tiny in the face of the enormity of the misery suffered by the animals.  We invite you to come and see Krupa Animal Shelter at Kengeri, Bangalore and step in to a world of compassion and kindness. More later.


Blissful Evenings of Fun & Frolic & Adoption of Animals…by the Lake-side

Abandoned pets that won't survive on the streets if left on their own; they now lead a care-free life at Krupa

If you are an animal lover and admire nature, then this is a must visit for you in Bangalore. Rolling meadows bordered by a sparkling lake, the air thick with positivity and fun, animals frolicking around—welcome to the ‘Krupa Loving Animals’ Animal Hospital and Shelter, an NGO in Bangalore. The animals here are either abandoned or came for treatment and never found a home; they are all available for adoption. Some are babies, some are adults. You will be welcomed at the gate by their gay barks, and you can play with a bunch of energetic animals whose antics will keep you amused the whole evening. All are vaccinated, sterilized, young and healthy. All animals are very friendly and eager to meet visitors. Come for an evening of fun, compassion and take an abandoned animal home. Or simply come to spend time, as these abandoned fellows crave for your love, cuddles and company.

Guided tour of shelter on Mondays or Sundays. By Appointment.

Contact 98805 63690 for appointment.

Note: Animal trade is cruel on animals, as it causes life-long misery and suffering for the adult male and female dogs that are repeatedly exploited to breed more puppies. Adults are treated like machines, the puppies are treated like commodities. If you buy a dog/puppy you are enabling this cruel business to prosper. Boycott animal trade. Animals are living, feeling, sentient beings—not commodities or machines. Never buy animals for keeping as pets. If you want a pet, adopt for free from an animal shelter only. Remember, BUYING ANIMALS IS A CRIME AGAINST THE ANIMAL WORLD.

Cattle rescued from slaughter now lead a peaceful life at Krupa
Dog Undergoing Treatment for Mange