Month: January 2012

A tearful farewell to Honey

The darling of Krupa, Honey passed in to memories today. It is hard to believe. She was a bubbling thing full of activity. At her speed no one would notice that she was paralysed below the hip. All of us, especially keeper Teknath, are plunged into deep melancholy and sorrow. We have seen dogs dying in Krupa. But this pain is something different. It will take long to bring us back to normalcy. I am reproducing below an earlier article by Poornima Desai with Honey’s pics.

As sweet as ‘Honey’–paralyzed pup recovers and is now an adult leading a normal life

Article sent by Poornima Desai
A year ago, a tiny one-month old pup was picked up from the streets and brought to the Krupa shelter located at Kengeri, Bangalore. This little female pup was the victim of a road accident, one who had managed to survive the trauma but had been left handicapped for life. Initially, she could barely move her body and only slightly move her head. But her sparkling eyes clearly reflected her will to live on despite her crippling condition. Hence began her treatment.
She was put on a course of nerve-strengthening injections coupled with homeopathic medicines. Though the road to recovery was a long and stress-filled one, little Honey (as she was named owing to her extremely sweet and friendly nature) held on. In due course, she regained the movement of her neck muscles and also the upper part of her body. Now she was able to move about on two legs.
Though her hind legs were paralyzed forever, Honey was not one to sit and bemoan her fate. She learnt to walk effortlessly using her front two legs. Today, she is a little lady of about a year old. And hasn’t she grown into a little devil! She takes pleasure in escaping out of her kennel and racing across the grounds at the shelter. One can often see a hilarious scene of people racing behind her, round the shelter grounds in an effort to catch her and bring her back to her ‘home’. Her coat shines nice and bright and she is squeaky clean – thanks to the untiring efforts of the dedicated caretaker at the shelter.
Watching Honey overcome her handicap and carry on with her life, one can only wonder at the unending courage that God has instilled in some of his creations. A little love and a little care has enabled a precious life to bloom. May God be with our little Honey always!
You may come and meet Honey and say hello. Call: 9880563690