Month: June 2012

Please help us at this hour

By: Govind Rajan

This blog was not updated for quite some time. A lot of things happened during this period. Some aged dogs left us for God’s abode. Some sick dogs died in spite of our best efforts to save them. This put us all in to a prolonged gloom. But then life must go on. Thanks to the compassion and help given by our managing trustee and our doctor we are trying to change the situation.

I again plead with all animal lovers and compassionate souls to help us build a corpus fund which is the need of these difficult times. We do not have any emergency fund to face exigencies. Our profound thanks to Mr.Dayanand for his monthly contribution of rice for keeping the dogs hunger-free. May God bless him and his family for generations. I know how difficult it is to get rice and other food items for the hungry dogs a few years ago when the shelter was in shambles. Mr.Champalal our managing trustee has arranged an operating table with all surgical instruments as a contribution from Mahavir Jain Hospital. Many thanks to the hospital authorities for this act of kindness.

We have quite a few healthy dogs for adoption. But as a principle we do not prefer giving away the dogs without ensuring the person’s actual interest in keeping pets. The dog should not end up as a tied-up slave. Krupa discourages leashing and caging of any animal. After all the idea of giving dogs for adoption is not for getting rid of them. The animals are very happy here at the shelter.