Month: July 2012

Nice kitten for adoption

We received a call from Ms.Gautami about a beautiful kitten she found abandoned. Since she is not in a position to keep the kitten at home, she would be happy if someone comes forward to adopt the same. You may call Poornima at 9880563690


An act of kindness

Meet Mr.Vinod Khadilkar and his wife Varsha, who have been so kind as
to adopt a four-month-old puppy from the shelter. Thanks to them, the
puppy, named Scooby, now has a home of her own and is being lovingly
looked after by her new masters.
We hope this will motivate more people to come forward and adopt
Indian puppies thus saving countless innocent, precious lives from
being harmed by a callous society.

Tumour removed by surgery

This middle aged stray dog was brought to Krupa loving animals for its
Mastocytoma on the right forelimb. It was straining to walk because of
the pain.
We, at krupa, stabilized the condition with good food and care with
necessary veterinay medical care.
On stabilizing, the tumor excission was carried out under General
Anesthesia using Xylazine and ketamine with ligation method. The dog
is on postoperative care in krupa.
The cost of the medicines for the surgery alone (anaesthesia drugs and
suturing material, iv fluids and antibiotics) have totalled to around
Rs.3000. Krupa would indeed be grateful if some generous people could
sponsor the cost either in full or in part.

An appeal to pet lovers

By:  Rajan

If you are an animal lover and have been keeping pets at home, you will understand what I am going to say. This is not for those people who buy a dog for fancy prices and tie them up on their front gates all day and night as security watch dogs. Pet industry is the most cruel of all animal tortures; even worse than meat industry where at least their agony ends in seconds.

Unscrupulous pet breeders have cropped up all over the country to cater to the requirements of people who want a pet, nay an animal, for sheer vanity. Keeping a dog is an in thing and the more exotic the breed more pride it gives us in society. So there are kennels which breed rottweilers, St.Bernards, German Shepherds, Labradors et all and the ubiquitous white poms. Don’t we ever understand that these breeds are better off in a European country and not meant to suffer in tropical countries like India?

The ignorance of common people clubbed with the relentless greed of the breeding industry has resulted in all and sundry people buying pets at exorbitant prices. These people who buy  exotic breeds for a fancy- once the initial euphoria wanes- throw – yes, literally throw – the dogs on the roads. I have witnessed dogs brutally abandoned on the highways. There are hundreds of unfortunate breed dogs roaming the streets of the city with no food or shelter constantly attacked by street dogs. Many of them die a cruel death. We have seen unfortunate Pomeranians thrown in dust bins and gutters.

Now to the breeders. Most of the breeding centres are illegal operations made legal by bribing the authorities. The animals are normally hidden in dingy kennels in dark place without proper ventilation. Their only purpose is to give litter periodically. Once their productive life is over, they are either euthanised or abandoned.

Finding hard to believe? Come to Krupa. We have rescued several of those ‘exotic’ breed dogs from the streets weary without food, wounded by attacks by street dogs. But then they are now recovered and are a happy lot. We will never send them to live the horror which they have experienced.

Dear animal lovers. If you are looking for pets, please do not go for a foreign breed and patronise the heartless breeding industry. If you are a real animal lover you will  give in to compassion not to vanity. There are Indian dogs, handsome, strong, immune to diseases and adapted to Indian conditions. Discourage animal trading which is cruelty unbeatable. Come visit Krupa and learn lessons in love and camaraderie from our inmate friends.


Lassy is an extremely sweet and good-natured labrador about 5 years
old. She was found about a year ago wandering in the VV Puram area,
totally at a loss as to protecting herself from the traffic or the
street dogs. She was brought here and was taken care of. She has now recovered from confusion and depression. Lassy would love to have a family and home of her own.
For further details please contact Poornima Desai : 9880563690


This dog was brought to the shelter with a severe mange condition. It
had absolutely no hair on its body and its skin was raw and bleeding
all over. Treatment is being carried out which includes regular
medicated bath and application of lotion. The dog is slowly improving
and some of the hair has grown back.