Month: November 2012


A month ago a black colored dog called Rocky was admitted to Krupa Hospital. She was paralysed waist downwards as a vehicle had run over her as she slept in front of her house. She was treated with nerve-strengthening medicines and given massages. Slowly she recovered the use of her hind liimbs. She managed to stand up and walk shakily. Today, a month later, she is absolutely fine and running around. A few days ago, she was restored back to her owner who was overjoyed.


Unreasonable hegemony in apartment complexes

Post by P.G.Rajan

We have been receiving numerous calls from people who have moved in to apartments complaining about the behavior of the dwellers’ associations putting unreasonable restrictions on keeping pets in the residences. The residents meekly comply to this unilateral decisions and ask us to take their pets. Many even abandon their pets on the streets. There are thousands of such unfortunate animals roaming the city roads. Animal organizations and government bodies do precious little to stop this alarming trend.

People must understand that Krupa and other animal shelters do not have sufficient funds and infrastructure to accept these abandoned pets. We earnestly appeal to all pet lovers living in apartments not to abandon the animals because of the unreasonable restrictions imposed in the buildings.

1. Stop being submissive and stand firmly against such restrictions. These so called resident associations cannot have any assumed powers to harass the residents by restricting their fundamental rights.
2. Residents have the locus standi to take legal action on these hegemonistic associations that cause harassment to residents.
3. Residents can file a police complaint of harassment against the secretary of such associations. Instead of meekly submitting to dictatorial attitudes, consult a lawyer and send a legal notice threatening criminal action.
4. Unless it creates a nuisance, you can have your pets inside your legal premises. Please fight it out in a court of law to save these unfortunate animals being abandoned in the streets. If you really love your pets you can go to any extent to fight for them.

Another lost dog — Please help find him

REWARD – Rs.10, 000/- For finding this dog.

Lost since morning 15-Oct-12.
Got Lost near Banshankri – BSK 2nd Stage towards Shastrinagar/ Thyagarajanagar Police Station
Please help me.
PLEASE CONTACT – 9886003090 / 9538092934/

Labrador for Adoption

Naresh found this good looking and friendly Labrador abandoned on the road. He has approached Krupa to find if anyone is interesting to adopt the same. Anybody who can give this unfortunate dog a loving home may contact Naresh@9480200933

Bangalore Street Puppy finds a loving home in Coimbatore!

(We had published Shefali’s story in an earlier blog below. She found a lively puppy on the road and she approached KRUA for finding someone for adoption. A kind soul from Coimbatore read the article and the puppy was adopted instantly as the eighth dog. An excited Shefali writes an inspiring report)

Article by Shefali

Animals, just like humans, look for love, caring & togetherness. Just like humans, they feel the need to live, feel protected and not face threats.

Street dogs/ pups are the most commonly abused animals. And, why? Is it because, a dog is man’s best friend and hence, they submit themselves meekly to humans and remain grateful no matter, how badly they are treated? Or, is it because they don’t have a choice? And, how is a street dog any different from a so-called “pedigreed one”? They are loving, quick-learners and most importantly, thankful souls for finding warm homes which care for them!

Spotty was just another case…barely 1.5 months, she was about to be run over by vehicles on Harlur Road. Destiny had something better for her. I fostered her for 3 weeks with the hope that she’ll find a loving home and soon.

Soon after Spotty’s pic and a write-up was posted on Krupa’s site, I got a call from a very kind soul- Balram, Marketing Head of a leading online travel company. I was touched and pleasantly moved by his gesture when he called to say that after reading the post on Krupa’s blog, he would be happy to adopt a rescued & homeless pup. My initial apprehensions of whether I have made the right decision to give this little girl to her new home started to haunt me- is Spotty smart enough to adjust to a new environment (her princess-like attitude was something I had never seen in any pup I had fostered in the past), will she be happy and so on & so forth. The moment I met Balram on Oct 26th evening to give Spotty to her new life-saver/ changer, all my apprehensions were laid to rest instantly. Balram, I knew would give Spotty her well-deserved loving home.

Balram took Spotty to his home in Coimbatore which already has 7 doggy companions. Spotty sure will have enough company to keep her busy & happy. Hoping to see some pictures of my darling Spotty, soon….hopefully!

Can our other fellow-street friends get as lucky as Spotty?
Think! Act! Care!