Month: April 2013


0A few months ago, a middle-aged Rottweiler was brought to Krupa Treatment Centre. He was suffering from partial paralysis of his facial muscles resulting in his tongue hanging out most of the time and he also had a large maggot-filled wound close to his anus. The wound was duly treated for maggots and after a month or so, it healed. Efforts were being made to get Bhopu (as he was affectionately called) adopted when he came down with an attack of severe respiratory infection. In due course, that too was controlled. But Bhopu was never the same again. He seemed tired and listless and stayed inside his enclosure for most part of the time. A few days back, he had a recurrence of the respiratory attack. Despite all efforts by the doctor and the staff to save him, Bhopu breathed his last. Bhopu stayed with us for a short while but he succeeded in making a place for himself in the hearts of all concerned.



case1case2The dog in the picture was admitted to Krupa Treament Centre for treatment for canine papillomatosis. It was a very severe case in which the warts had spurted in a very short span of time and were increasing by the day. Our doctor took up the case on top priority.
The warts which were more than 150 in number were all removed by the process of electro-cauterization in a procedure lasting more than three hours. The dog was then kept under post-operative care for ten days. The dog was also administered medicines to prevent recurrence of the warts. The dog is now completely cured as is evident from the second picture and is ready for release.


mailSent by Poornima Desai

It seems that the pain and suffering that humans inflict on helpless creatures knows no bounds as is evident from this moving picture of a pet dog. This dog was found chained to a gate near the Bangalore University Campus. The owner obviously did not want him anymore so he had taken the easy way out by chaining him and thus leaving him to
perish. In an effort to break free from his chains, the poor dog had been constantly straining and pulling resulting in the chain cutting deep into his flesh near his neck thus resulting in deep wounds. When he was rescued by some passerby and brought to Krupa Treatment Centre, the poor dog was almost fainting due to exhaustion, the wounds were
dripping pus and blood. The chain was removed and the dog is now being treated for its wounds. With time the wounds on his body might heal but what about the deep scars inflicted on his soul by his cruel master? Will they ever heal? Will the little dog ever be able to trust a human again?


mailYatin Kalki has sent us the following message about puppies for adoption. We at Krupa have been reiterating that mongrel puppies are excellent pets. They are better than breed varieties for three good reasons. They are healthy and have built-in immunity to diseases, are more affectionate and cost nothing to maintain. For more info about Indian breeds contact us.

“Five Indian breed puppies that are one month old are up for adoption. There are 4 females and one male. The pups are healthy and love to play. They have been abandoned by their mother so I’m taking care of them now. Anybody who wants one or more pups can call me at 9916993085 and then come to pick them up from my place. I live in Mahadevapura, which is very close to Phoenix Market City. The male is brown with a white nose and the females are either brown or black. They are all in need of loving homes so please reply ASAP.

Yatin Kalki”


Rusty1Chandini has reported that she has lost her beautiful labrador. The dog’s name is rusty, cream in colour and is about 3 years old. The dog went missing near Kanakapura Road, Jayanagar 7th Block. We appeal to whoever reading this to inform Chandini @ 9740512783 if they happen to find the dog.


We all think that animals are cruel because they attack and kill each other. This is far from true. An animal goes to fight mode mainly to
a) To protect their young ones.
b) To maintain right over territory.
c) For food.

Animals never attack for the sake of deriving pleasure with the exception of certain animals – the two-legged variety. Humans take sadistic pleasure in hurting, maiming and killing their fellow creatures. Animals hunt for food but humans for sport. They throw acid on street dogs, throw stones and maim them, tie a bunch of crackers on dogs and laugh hysterically when they run in panic. We have treated many such unfortunate animals. Haven’t you seen people tying up dogs in a dark corner all their lives?

We found one such dog tied with a rusted chain on a tree. Some one reported that the dog had been tied up for several days and was struggling to get free. When the dog was brought, the chain had cut deep in to the neck. There was frozen blood all over and the bone was visible. Already maggots were eating up the wound. The dog is now being treated with antiseptic lotions and we pray for its fat recovery.

Please do not be a mute witness if you see an animal being treated cruelly. Report the matter to police or SPCA.