Month: January 2015



Cats love to live in the wild. Although there are a few pet cats seen in some homes, most cats cannot be confined in small spaces. KRUPA has been receiving several injured and sick cats and orphaned kitten. Since we predominantly keep dogs which roam free, these cats are kept inside small enclosures. Since the cats are not being adopted by anyone for a long time, they are languishing in the enclosures. We have two options to bring an end to their agony.

1. Animal lovers can take them and keep them on their terraces and feed them. The cats will adapt to the area in a short time. Except for periodic feeding no special care is required and they will only be happy to be in the open.

2. We are also planning to build a bigger and spacious enclosure to allow to cats to move freely. But this costs money of at least Rs. 50000. We appeal to all sponsors and animal lovers who have visited KRUPA and seen the suffering cats, to kindly donate and help these poor animals.
Please donate in cash and obtain receipt. Please call Rajan @ 7829816208 Poornima @ 9880563690