Month: February 2017


Krupa has been witnessing people with no compassion or love abandoning their pets in the middle of the road and speed away. In most cases the disillusioned and traumatised pets die of fear and hunger. Some lucky ones spotted by good samaritand are brought to Krupa.

A week back we had posted a case of a pet that had been carelessly let into the streets and when it had been paralyzed as a result of having been bitten by bigger dogs, had been abandoned at Krupa Hospital/ shelter.

A few days ago, an uncannily similar case came up at Krupa. Here too, the little pet had been allowed to go into the street unattended where it had been bitten by bigger dogs and had become paralyzed. The owners had abandoned the pet in another street and left it there to fend for itself. Luckily for the little one, a kind soul spotted it lying there unable to walk or get up, intimated Krupa and the pet was picked up. Now we have a pair of look-alike little pets at Krupa, both paralyzed waist down and slowly getting over the trauma they had been through. They are very loving and playful and adored by one and all.




A month old, active, friendly and good looking puppy, potty trained is available for adoption. only genuine dog lovers who can give the puppy a loving home may contact Phone: 88921 50866





This is the picture of an adorable pet called Goldie, a golden Cocker Spaniel. She was found abandoned on the streets and brought to Krupa. Its not very difficult to guess why her owners abandoned her. For Goldie is visually impaired. Imagine someone blind left on the road after living for years in a cozy home. But Goldie has not let her handicap deter her in any way. She is extremely friendly and loving. We only pray that she will get adopted by some compassionate soul. Anyone who wishes to give little Goldie the secure and loving home she deserves may contact us.

Poornima 9880563690 Rajan 7829816208



This is the picture of little Soni (as she is fondly called) which was admitted to KRUPA Animal Hospital in a pitiable condition a few days ago. Her owners had callously allowed her to go into the streets on her own where little Soni was attacked by stray dogs and almost killed. Soni is now paralyzed waist down. Her owners did not want to take care of her anymore and got rid of her at Krupa. Now every effort is being made at Krupa to take care of little Soni and keep her as happy as possible. A pet in your home is not a commodity flaunted with vanity. Don’t you think one needs to have a minimum level of compassion and love towards your pet?