Month: February 2018

Cute puppies for adoption

Heera from KR Puram rescued four beautiful Indian puppies. She would like to offer these pups for adoption. Dog lovers looking for lovely pups and woulf give them a good home may contact her on 8095863398.



We at KRUPA thank all those compassionate souls who came here and adopted our puppies. We also find that they are giving good care and an affectionate home for them.
The world is not entirely cruel. There ARE a few compassionate people who make a difference in an indifferent and callous scenario. Let me relate two incidents.

One kind-hearted lady brought an aged abandoned cat for treatment. The cat, being too old, survived for a couple of months. She regularly visited here to check and comfort the cat. When the cat died, she came and cried uncontrollably. She is a person who is so passionate about animal welfare that she took an abandoned cat in an auto to a location 70 km from Bangalore for adoption. May her tribe increase.

One gentleman came for adopting an Indian pup. The reason he gave was surprising. He said dogs in his area (he takes care of them) are becoming old and he wants new ones to be inducted. He called them ‘community dogs’ and did not say street dogs or stray dogs. Nice to meet someone like this albeit rarely.