Author: Rajan


We have several cute and buxom puppies and very beautiful kitten for adoption. We are particular about giving them to animal lovers who will give them a compassionate and loving home. Pleas contact Rajan @7829816208. Poornima @ 9880563690.

Please note: There have been numerous calls asking about which are the ‘breeds’ available for adoption. We at Krupa do not differentiate dogs in terms of caste, creed or breed. We consider all dogs with the same love and compassion and so the idea of identifying a puppy’s ‘breed’ does not occur. We give our puppies for adoption to people who can take care of them with love irrespective of breed classification.



This adorable little puppy is in urgent need of a loving home as its
owners wish to give it away as they are not able to care for it. As
always there is the possibility of the owners abandoning the little
one. Those keen to give this little pet the love that it deserves, can
contact the numbers given. 9880563690, 7829816208



This dog was presented at Krupa Hospital with an eyeball hanging out
of the eye-socket, the result of a fight with other street dogs. After
stabilizing the dog for a few days and getting the routine checks
done, the eye was operated upon, the eyeball removed and the rest
sutured up. The dog is recovering well and will be ready for release
soon. This will be done after ensuring that it will be looked after
properly after release.



This pet dog was found abandoned and left to perish. It was not only
cold and hungry but was also bleeding from an open tumor. For the past
one month the dog has been under treatment. Now it has completely
recovered and is ready for adoption, It is an extremely friendly male
Labrador aged about 3 to 4 years. Those who wish to give this pet the
love that it seeks, can contact either 9880563690 or 7829816208.



Cats love to live in the wild. Although there are a few pet cats seen in some homes, most cats cannot be confined in small spaces. KRUPA has been receiving several injured and sick cats and orphaned kitten. Since we predominantly keep dogs which roam free, these cats are kept inside small enclosures. Since the cats are not being adopted by anyone for a long time, they are languishing in the enclosures. We have two options to bring an end to their agony.

1. Animal lovers can take them and keep them on their terraces and feed them. The cats will adapt to the area in a short time. Except for periodic feeding no special care is required and they will only be happy to be in the open.

2. We are also planning to build a bigger and spacious enclosure to allow to cats to move freely. But this costs money of at least Rs. 50000. We appeal to all sponsors and animal lovers who have visited KRUPA and seen the suffering cats, to kindly donate and help these poor animals.
Please donate in cash and obtain receipt. Please call Rajan @ 7829816208 Poornima @ 9880563690



That is exactly what has happened with this lovely little puppy in the picture. Orphaned when just one month old, this puppy was lucky to be adopted by an extremely kind-hearted couple who named him Chinnu and took him home to give him a life filled with love and security. But few unavoidable circumstances forced them to bring back the puppy to the hospital with a heavy heart. Now the puppy is back where it
started, desolate and longing for the comfort of a home and missing its adopted parents of two weeks. Chinnu is extremely lively, active and full of mischief. If someone wants to bring the cheer back into
Chinnu’s life, by adopting him, please call one of the following numbers. 7829816208 or 9880563690.



Is what this lovely little puppy seems to be saying. A little bundle of joy and energy, this puppy was found on the streets, cold and hungry and brought to Krupa Hospital where it now resides, waiting for
the day when it will get a home and family of its own. This puppy is just is one of the scores of orphaned pups who stare into a bleak and uncertain future. Until we change our attitude towards these little waifs and come forward to adopt them, there is no hope of ever bringing in some sunshine into their dark lives.

ADOPT INDIAN DOGS. There are advantages.

1. Native breeds have excellent built-in immunity to diseases. Kidney and Liver failure in these dogs are very rare.

2. They live a long and healthy lives unlike exotic breeds which are in many cases unsuitable for tropical climates.

3. Indian dogs make very affectionate pets and are easy to maintain as they don’t need special fancy foods.