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These three healthy, active kittens have been orphaned and are presently being cared for in a foster home. They would love to have a home and family of their own. Will their wish be fulfilled? Please call Poornima # 9880563690





Several cute puppies are waiting to get adopted by compassionate animal lovers who could give them love. The puppies are healthy and vaccinated and ready for adoption.
Call 9880563690

We have been getting calls from people enquiring about availability of foreign breed dogs for adoption. I have been writing time and again that we at Krupa do not entertain such attitudes. People fail to realise that most foreign breeds are not suited for Indian conditions in various ways. Hot Indian climate makes most of the dogs aggressive and unfriendly. We have seen people abandoning their dogs on the streets due to behavioural problems. You can see some of those unfortunate animals in Krupa.
Indian breeds are much suited to Indian conditions. They are well behaved, friendly and highly affectionate. They are healthy and their immunity levels are high. They rarely go sick and do not need expensive medical attention. There is no need for special and exotic foods for they love what we normally eat. And more, they are active, much more alert and better looking than some foreign breeds.
Please think about this. Except snob value, foreign dogs are no better than Indian breeds. If you wish to adopt a dog, think about our good old Indian dogs.

Krupa’s conditions for adoption:
1.We normally discourage adoption to apartment dwellers. We have seen people either return them or abandon owing to various restrictions in apartments. Only people living in independent homes may contact.
2. Krupa’s cardinal principle is that no dog will be kept leashed. Visitors here may have noticed this. We believe in the freedom of pet animals. No leash no kennels please. Genuine dog lovers will understand this.
3. Once decided to adopt pets, they are part of your family and have to be treated as such. Please contact us only if you accept this doctrine.



Several beautiful puppies are available – like the ones in pic – for adoption. If you are the compassionate one to give them a home, please visit us this Sunday evening.

Call Poornima @ 9880563690



This is the picture of a lovely little three-month old Labrador puppy called Snowy. Brimming with life and energy, one would indeed find it difficult to believe that little Snowy is paralyzed waist downwards. The manner in which Snowy has overcome her handicap can serve as an inspiration to one and all.