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Puppy for Adoption

July 3, 2014 1 comment


This little puppy in the picture was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital after being rescued from the middle of a busy street. The belt in the neck suggests that this is either an abandoned or lost puppy. The puppy was in a state of shock because of its ordeal in the street and it took a few days to bring it back to normalcy. Now the puppy is healthy and active and seeks the security of a home of its own. Those interested in giving this little puppy a happy home can contact us @ 9880563690 / 7829816208

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June 29, 2014 Leave a comment


This pet dog with collar intact was found abandoned on the footpath early one morning. Kind residents tried to feed it but it would not
eat anything and it was too weak to even lift up its head. It was then shifted to Krupa Animal Hospital. Routine blood test revealed a highly infected liver condition which might have been the reason the callous master had deserted his pet. The dog is now undergoing treatment and showing slight signs of improvement though not yet out of danger. Hundreds of such unfortunate dogs, being abandoned, are aimlessly roaming the streets with hunger, thirst and the constant fear of attack by street dogs. Who will take care of them?

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June 24, 2014 Leave a comment


This little puppy was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital with one hind leg completely crushed in an accident. The limb had to be amputated. Now, one month later, the puppy has recovered from the surgery and is now active and playful. It has learnt to walk on three legs. It is extremely friendly and loving. It would love to have a family to call its own. If one wishes to adopt this lovely little puppy who is
approximately three months old, please do contact us at Krupa Hospital.

Many more healthy puppies are available for adoption. Call 7829816208

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June 23, 2014 Leave a comment


That is the question that this cute little two-month old female puppy seems to be asking. Brought to Krupa Animal Hospital a few weeks ago in an unconscious state after being hit by a speeding two-wheeler, this tough little pup miraculously recovered and is now a bundle of energy, waiting and hoping for a home of her own. We fervently hope that she finds such a home.

There are several such healthy puppies abandoned to the cruelty of fate. Will you take care of them?

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June 17, 2014 2 comments


The puppy in the picture is of a one-month old pup who was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital with one hind limb crushed and bleeding as a result of a speeding vehicle hitting it. The puppy was in extreme pain and only half-conscious. After preliminary treatment and stabilizing it for a couple of days, the amputation was performed and the crushed limb completely removed.  The very thought about the puppy trying to get up with three legs once it regains consciousness, may bring tears from compassionate eyes.  We hope the puppy will  slowly recover and is come to terms with its handicap. It would be great if this adorable little puppy could find a loving home.

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June 13, 2014 Leave a comment


The puppy in the picture was presented at Krupa Animal Hospital with serious bite wounds. The puppy was brought all the way from Tumkur by its saviour. There were deep puncture marks (dog bite marks) as seen in the picture. These in turn had got infected and were filled with pus and maggots. It was quite an exercise to remove all the maggots and clean the wounds and dress them. The puppy was barely conscious, so great was its pain and agony. Now, a few days later, the puppy is slowly recovering though it still is not out of danger as its lower half is paralysed too.  We fervently hope the puppy recovers and
is able to lead a normal life.

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June 7, 2014 Leave a comment


A beautiful healthy puppy was found abandoned and found its way to KRUPA.  The puppy looks like a Lab cross but I am not sure. Any compassionate soul out there who would like to give him a warm home may please contact me @ 7829816208.

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