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The puppy in the picture was presented at Krupa Animal Hospital with serious bite wounds. The puppy was brought all the way from Tumkur by its saviour. There were deep puncture marks (dog bite marks) as seen in the picture. These in turn had got infected and were filled with pus and maggots. It was quite an exercise to remove all the maggots and clean the wounds and dress them. The puppy was barely conscious, so great was its pain and agony. Now, a few days later, the puppy is slowly recovering though it still is not out of danger as its lower half is paralysed too.  We fervently hope the puppy recovers and
is able to lead a normal life.

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A beautiful healthy puppy was found abandoned and found its way to KRUPA.  The puppy looks like a Lab cross but I am not sure. Any compassionate soul out there who would like to give him a warm home may please contact me @ 7829816208.

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June 3, 2014 6 comments


The puppy in the picture is of Max, the adorable Saint Bernard four month old puppy. Totally neglected by his ‘owners’ who did not bother to give him either a nourishing diet or the vital supplements so essential for healthy growth, Max became completely handicapped waist downwards and could barely lift up his head. His owners did not rest there. They put him outside their gate to perish in the sun and rain as they felt he was a burden to them. It was in this state, more dead than alive, that a kind neighbour rescued him and took up the task of nursing Max back to health on himself. It was not easy. Max’s rescuer ran from pillar to post trying to get him the best treatment and after a lot of despair, he left Max at Krupa Loving Animals hoping that somehow Max would get back his movement. After ten days of intense treatment, dedicated care and physiotherapy, Max has regained almost half of his movement. He is now trying to take tentative steps and can even wag his tail and scratch himself with his hind leg. He can move his front limbs but his hind limbs need to get stronger. Everyone at Krupa is fervently praying that Max regains complete movement soon and can be restored back to his the  kind person who is waiting to take him home and shower him with love.

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The dog in the picture was presented at Krupa Animal Hospital a few days ago with piometra – a condition where the uterus is filled with pus. If not treated in time, this can lead to infecting the kidneys and ultimately death. The dog was stabilized for a few days, routine blood test performed and then hysterectomy was carried out by the doctors at the hospital. The dog is now recovering well.

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krupa 004


Pluto is a little puppy about two months old, brimming with energy. But he was not so just a little while ago. (Please see our earlier report below) He was brought to Krupa Animal Hospital by a kind rescuer in a semi-conscious state. The rescuer had found him trapped underneath a cement construction block and had carefully extricated him from there. His neck was seriously injured and for ten days he continued to be in the semi-comatose state. He used to cry out in pain continually and had to be fed through a feeding bottle. But the gritty little fellow did not give up. Slowly  but surely, he responded to the treatment given to him and began to raise his head. The improvement continued and the day came when he began to take tentative steps.  It was then noticed that his legs were buckling while walking. This too was corrected by giving him calcium and vitamin supplements. Today, Pluto has fully recovered, mainly due to his own determination and is a bundle of energy. Now he would like to have a family of his own which will care for him forever. Those interested in giving Pluto a loving home, please contact  7829816208  or 9880563690.

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Bittoo (as she was named at Krupa) was a lovely Labrador found lost/abandoned and brought to Krupa Hospital by an animal lover. It was obvious that she had been in the streets for some time and had apparently met with an accident as her one hind leg was badly injured. Her sweet temperament won the hearts of all and in due course with treatment, her wound too had healed. It was then time to find a home for her. A kind family from Chennai heard of her and travelled to Bangalore to adopt her. Pixie (as Bittoo’s new family calls her) now resides in Chennai with their other dogs and is devoted to her new master. She is very happy in her new home. Isn’t this a truly fairy-tale ending?

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We had earlier published  (Scroll down two steps) the horror of the sweet little puppy (see earlier pic) found crushed under a cement brick. The condition of the puppy was so bad that we had lost all hopes of saving him. But the miracle of Poornima’s homeo treatment and our caretaker’s incessant care brought him new life. Pluto (as he is named now) barks from his cardboard box and tries to come out. He is still week on his legs and is on nutrition and calcium supplement.

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