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Several beautiful puppies are available – like the ones in pic – for adoption. If you are the compassionate one to give them a home, please visit us this Sunday evening.

Call Poornima @ 9880563690



The lovely little pet in the picture is Caesar, a one year old mongrel with striking features. When Caesar was a little puppy of two months, he was adopted by a family who looked after him quite well. Unfortunately for little Caesar, this was not to last long as soon he was diagnosed with the problem of an enlarged heart. He had to be taken for regular check-ups and given medicines on time – a task that his family did not have the time or inclination for. So he was left at Krupa for good. The family has abandoned him forever. However, with proper care and medication, Caesar’s health has improved. But the sight of so many other dogs at the hospital, has left him scared and anxious. What Caesar needs is a caring family and a home with a calm atmosphere. If there is someone who can give Caesar the care he so richly deserves, please contact Poornima @ 9880563690


We have been receiving numerous calls enquiring about dog/cat adoption procedures at Krupa. Please note that Krupa gives puppies and dogs for adoption only to genuine animal lovers who will take care of the dog with compassion. We have, in some cases, refused to give our dogs to people whom we considered not very serious and happy about accepting the animals as they are.

Adoption procedure is usually undertaken on Sunday evenings. However you may visit Krupa any day and see the pets available for adoption.

Please call Poornima @ 9880563690 for adoption related queries.


This is what this lovely little puppy seems to be saying. All of two months, this puppy is active and full of life and mischief. It is also very loving and affectionate. But since it belongs to the class of non-breed Indian puppies, it is unwanted by one and all. No one to love, no one to belong to. If anyone kind enough, wants to give this little one a home and security, please do contact 9880563690.