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We at KRUPA thank all those compassionate souls who came here and adopted our puppies. We also find that they are giving good care and an affectionate home for them.
The world is not entirely cruel. There ARE a few compassionate people who make a difference in an indifferent and callous scenario. Let me relate two incidents.

One kind-hearted lady brought an aged abandoned cat for treatment. The cat, being too old, survived for a couple of months. She regularly visited here to check and comfort the cat. When the cat died, she came and cried uncontrollably. She is a person who is so passionate about animal welfare that she took an abandoned cat in an auto to a location 70 km from Bangalore for adoption. May her tribe increase.

One gentleman came for adopting an Indian pup. The reason he gave was surprising. He said dogs in his area (he takes care of them) are becoming old and he wants new ones to be inducted. He called them ‘community dogs’ and did not say street dogs or stray dogs. Nice to meet someone like this albeit rarely.



Two cute kitten are available for adoption in Vijayanagar, Bangalore. Cat lovers who can give them a cozy home may please contact 9482213340.


Some very cute Indian puppies are available at KRUPA for immediate adoption. The puppies are very handsome and healthy. Only genuine dog lovers may call Rajan @ 7829816208 for more details.

Several Puppies available for Adoption

Genevieve rescued several puppies and has taken care of them with compassion. The pups are very beautiful, healthy and clean. She would like to give them for adoption to dog lovers who would offer them a home. Please call her @ 74060 59191.


Kitty rescued three beautiful puppies and would like them adopted. The puppies are healthy and bubbly. Those who want to give them a loving home may please contact Kitty @ 98450 25047.


Good Samaritan Nabajit found a cute puppy which he took home. The puppy was taken to a vet and dis all vaccinations and de-worming procedure. The 2 month old male puppy is available for adoption. Genuine dog lovers may contact Nabajit @ 8792257344.


The blog on Rainbow exactly one year ago

Strange and miraculous are the ways destiny plays with us creatures. A few weeks ago a kind lady came to us looking for a puppy for adoption. Probably due to our repeated entreaties in these columns to opt for Indian puppies, this lady chose to adopt a cute Indian puppy. She named it Rainbow and took her home. The puppy, as evident from the pictures, is living a dream life in its new home with her own people showering love. We are only giving just two of the score of pictures taken by the lady.
How nice it will be if other puppies at Krupa are as lucky as Rainbow.

And today

This is the picture of Rainbow, the beautiful little puppy adopted from Krupa Animal Hospital, one year ago. Rainbow has now completed one year in her new home and her family celebrated the event in a grand way. There was a birthday party for her in her home as well as party food for the less fortunate ones in Krupa shelter home. One can only pray for the well being of little Rainbow as well as her wonderful family.

Playing on Tutu’s bed