Dog saved from death

A dying dog was found on the road and was brought to Krupa by some kind souls. The dog was very badly injured in the back with lacerations all over. The dog was given preliminary treatment and was placed in comfort. After a few days of intensive care he was seen sitting with ease.

Another ten days later , he was able to walk about with a limp.
Result of the care and treatment it received from the caregivers at Krupa.

A tearful story

Below are the pictures of a dog in Davangere. Paralyzed waist down and dragging itself on the highway. Belonged to no one, getting shooed away by one and all.
It was spotted by a boy who was kind enough to give it something to eat and also cleaned up the mud encrusted on its thin body. He called Krupa centre. Some kind souks in Davengere arranged a cab and the dog was brought to Krupa.
This was the state of the dog today on reaching Krupa centre. Back legs with no skin, half the flesh gone due to dragging and rotting and bones exposed.

Our people cleaned up the Wounds and dressed.
The dog was semi conscious and later recovered and started drinking warm milk.
All this was made possible because of some kind people of Davangere and the staff at Krupa.
One can only imagine what the poor creature went through before being rescued. Thanks to those kind souls.
But it’s grit and will to live on inspite of such grievous injuries can only make one wonder at its courage.


Dear patrons, sponsors and compassionate animal lovers. You all are aware of KRUPA’s continuing efforts in the rehabilitation of abandoned and sick street animals. KRUPA is the only institution which accepts sick animals for treatment and rehab. Incidentally over the years we have grown enormously with increasing numbers of dogs, cats, horses and calves. All along we were able to manage our activities with donations from kind souls. Post Covid the inflow of donations dwindled and our reserve funds are fast drying up.

It is now becoming increasingly difficult to arrange for food for these various animals, treatment and medicines for the sick ones. We shudder to think of any possible scenario where the poor animals may go starving. Apart from this we have to pay salaries of workmen looking after the animals.

We sincerely appeal to all animal lovers and philanthropists to kindly give us a helping hand and donate in cash and food materials or medicines to tide over this crisis. We on behalf of the animal inmates would be grateful to any kind of help from compassionate souls.

Donations if in cash, could be made to the bank account, the details of which are provided below:


Account Number: 376302010768130

IFSC Code: UBIN0537632

A/c Cust:ID: 215026798

Name of Bank: UNION BANK

Name of Branch: Chowdeshwari Temple Street Branch

Rajan 7829816208


Several Indian puppies are available for immediate adoption. these puppies are very healthy and have been vaccinated for rabies and parvo. Those who would like to give them a loving home may contact me.

Rajan 7829816208