Month: April 2011

A Horror Story

In the days of Ramayana there were demon like creatures called Rakshasas whose only objective was to create troubles to good people and even maiming and killing them. Our epics describe God taking up several avatars to eliminate these evil incarnates. Rakshasas were not a figment of someone’s imagination. They exist even today.
There was one such abominable creature who, just for the sadistic pleasure, threw a mug full of deadly acid on the unsuspecting faces of some street dogs. A couple of them died horribly with their faces melting to a pulp. Some were euthanized to relieve them from the horror of pain and agony. One of them who survived was brought by our merciful volunteer Laksmi to the shelter. Did I say the dog survived? No. The dog was brought alive with one side of the face missing. What was left was a hole in place of the eye and a portion of the skull instead of the left cheek.
I do not want to horrify the readers by showing the dog’s photo. The good doctor after inspecting the dog assured us that he will survive despite the unimaginably tormenting pain. After about a month’s treatment, there is some hope of the poor creature’s recovery. Scar tissue appears to have formed. What actually melts your heart is not the horror and pain the dog is suffering, but it’s friendliness and love he manages to exhibit with just one part of its face and the other side missing. He wants to be petted if you have the will to forget the horror of the missing face. Are you willing and ready ?