Month: March 2016


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From the time of the cannibals and the cavemen, humans have evolved over millions of years. An unlikely and accidental product of this evolutionary process are compassion and kindness. However not many have imbibed these qualities. such people are just a few. Cruelty and heartlessness are still rampant on a disturbingly vast scale. Krupa has experienced hundreds of cases of cruelty. Here are two which came to us yesterday.

1. Anjana found an old dog struggling and limping on the streets in R.R.Nagar. People there say the dog was thrown out by its owner on the road. Street dogs attacked her and eventually it became pregnant. Her puppies were so good looking that people rapidly took them not even giving a second look at the abandoned mother. The kind lady found the dog in a weak state not able to walk. She took great efforts to rescue the dog. The dog is undergoing treatment at Krupa. We sincerely hope she will recover and be fine again.

2. Anushree found a puppy howling and found that it’s owners had vacated their home, abandonin the puppy on the road. When she, with great compassion, took him home. She faced hostility and objection from neighbours. They threw stones on the small puppy because it was howling because of depression. Anushree tells me that they even were talking of poisoning the dog. She had brought the puppy to Krupa yesterday. He is now happy and playful. We only hope that some kind person will adopt him some day.