Month: August 2012

Puppies available for adoption

Two beautiful puppies – one full white and the other pitch black – are available at the centre for adoption. Please contact : Poornima @ 9880563690


Mammary Tumour Removed

This dog was brought here with a serious condition of mammary tumour. The tumor was growing
in size after the dog was admitted. It was surgically removed by our resident doctor. The
second picture shows that there is no evidence of he tumor now and the wound has healed completely.


This puppy was brought to the Krupa Animal Shelter by a person who
found it wandering about in the middle of a busy street, lost and
frightened. It was dewormed, cleaned and kept on a healthy diet. Its
picture was posted on the Krupa blogsite. Madhushree who had recently
lost her pet dog due to oldage, fell in love with this puppy and came
forward to adopt it.In doing so, she has proved that mongrel puppies
too make adorable pets. If more people were to emulate Madhushree, it
would not only solve the problem of ownerless dogs but also discourage
professional breeding where puppies are churned out like commodities
causing untold suffering to the parent dogs. May her tribe increase.