Month: August 2013



In response to our appeal earlier for financial help to construct a rain shelter at Krupa, a kind lady came forward and donated Rs.30000 for the purpose. A canopy of 30 feet length with rain protection skirting and concrete flooring is completed now. It brings so much happiness to see the group of over 25 dogs, which earlier were adamant in sticking to that place even in rain, now happily sleeping under the canopy dry and cozy. Our heart-felt thanks to the lady who wants to remain anonymous.

An appeal again!

Krupa urgently requires three iron gates for feeding enclosures recently made in the premises. The estimate cost of the gates is Rs.20000. We appeal to all compassionate visitors and patrons of Krupa to donate for this project. Any amount from you will be of great help. Thanks.




The calf in the picture was found in a ditch where she had slipped and fallen and in the process had fractured her leg. There was a deep wound on the fractured leg which had begun to rot and was filled with maggots. It took several days to get rid of all the maggots and get the healing process in place. After the wound had healed considerably,
the fracture was set by means of pinning. It is estimated to take about three months for the fracture to heal compltely.



The dog in the picture was admitted to Krupa Hospital with hematoma in both the ears. Surgery was performed under GA by the doctor at Krupa Hospital. The dog is under post-operative care at the hospital and is progressing well. It will be released in due course.